Shipping Information

We normally only ship to the countries listed below. Depending on the volume of your order, the shipping in Austria and Germany will be handled by our courier partner DPD, or else by DHL. Please refer to the table indicated below for further information on the shipping costs incurring respectively.

Should you wish that your ordered items be dispatched to another country, then please send us an email at order(at) and indicate the item, including the quantity and the delivery address of the requested country and the respective zip code. We will let you know swiftly, if we can ship also to the requested country and will notify you, where possible, of the shipping charges as we will need to inquire first with our shipping partner in advance about the dispatch possibility and the costs.

Shipments to foreign countries

Wir liefern zu folgenden Versandkosten in folgende Länder:

Delivery Time in days*
Shipping costs
Austria1€ 0,00
Belgium1€ 30,87
Bulgaria1€ 30,87
Czech Republic
1-2€ 15,54
Germany1-3€ 11,66
Denmark1€ 30,87
Spain1€ 30,87
France1€ 30,87
Greece1€ 30,87
Hungary1-2€ 15,54
Italy2-3€ 22,05
Lithunia1€ 30,87
Malta1€ 30,87
Netherlands1€ 30,87
Poland1€ 30,87
Portugal1€ 30,87
Romania1€ 30,87
Sweden1€ 30,87
Slowenia1-2€ 14,40
Slowakia1-2€ 17,22
Bosnia-Herzegowina1€ 39,07
Switzerland2-3€ 15,35
1€ 39,04
United Kingdom
1€ 30,87
USA2€ 38,39

* According to the information submitted by the transport company
** Please note that there is no shipping during our company holidays in summer and during Christmas/New year.
*** Due to COVID-19 the delivery time can be delayed by several days.

Please note that in respect of shipments to countries outside the European Union, there may incur further costs, depending on the individual case, which are beyond our control and sphere of responsibility and need to be borne by you. Such charges include, for example, the costs for money transfer charged by banks (e.g. bank transfer fees, currency conversion charges) or import levies or taxes (e.g. customs duties). You will find further information, for example, at and on import-turnover tax at as well as, in particular, for Switzerland at

Collection by the customer is not possible for logistic reasons.