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Hearing is far more than simply the perception of sounds, tones and words. Hearing is the key to the world.
That's why BHM has set itself a goal of the utmost priority: to help those with a hearing impairment regain a significant quality of life by using innovative hearing aids that ensure outstanding performance in aesthetics, quality and reliability. This is hearing - without compromise.

Life is easy, contact forte.

... the ultimate high-end hearing system for best hearing support

contact forte is a digital, all-in-one bone conduction hearing system which compensates for mild to moderate hearing impairment, processing and amplifying sound and then transmitting it to the inner ear. The new device will come with improved technology. Wireless connection to various communication devices, for example via Bluetooth, is possible. Therefore, you can connect your device with your Smartphone and use it as remote control with the associated app.


Career at BHM-Tech

Quality, hand-made in Austria

BHM - the Berl Hörgeräte Manufaktur - develops high-quality hearing aid systems, carefully manufactured by hand in Austria and distributed around the wolrd.



BHM-Tech in the spotlight on "Das ist Österreich"

There was great excitement when the cameras for the popular TV programme "Das ist Österreich" ("This is Austria") recently arrived at our headquarters.

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