... the most powerful hearing system in the world!

Deliberately bucking the trend for ever smaller and more fiddly hearing devices, BHM has proven with apollon that a comfortable and practical pocket hearing aid device can keep up with the times as well as be easy to operate. The adjustable amplification and high output sound pressure mean that it can be used for virtually any type of hearing loss. 
The apollon hearing system is excellent for bone and air conduction treatment approach.

apollon is used by renowned hearing implant manufacturers as alternative treatment plans.

Advantages at a glance

  • Appealing design and easy to use thanks to larger operating elements
  • Robust and suitable for daily use, with practical shirt clip
  • Digitally programmable and option to connect to MP3, wireless and Bluetooth systems
  • Meets a wide range of hearing requirements in a variety of situations up to high-performance hearing device
  • Can be used for both air and bone conduction systems
  • Inductive signal for visits to the museum, theatre or church


BHM also offers a large range of accessories for this product.

Note to all our visitors from the United States

This hearing instrument cannot be sold over the counter (OTC).  It requires a prescription from your treating ENT doctor.