State-of-the-art hearing systems to suit individual requirements – sounds great!

There are many different people in the world, and we all perceive it differently. For this reason BHM is pleased to offer a wide range of products:
Hearing glasses based on bone conduction technology provide a solution for those who require both visual and auditory assistance. Customised solutions cater for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable wearing a hearing aid in their ear, or simply doesn't want one. We also offer a real alternative to surgical intervention, particularly for children with a hearing impairment. And finally there are practical, easy-to-use hearing systems that stand out for their large and ergonomic operating elements.


... HEARING – a quality of life you can't do without!

See better, understand better. AN-Evo1 bone conduction hearing glasses combine excellent sound quality with the highest degree of comfort. AN-Evo1 provides highly effective assistance and is a dependable partner for conductive and mixed hearing loss – and it looks good too.

contact star evo1

... the first bone conduction hearing glasses with improved speech intelligibility – from now on with fully automated situation recognition Sound Dynamix (BHM Automatic) and individually fitted using in-situ audiometry!
The contact star evo1 is fully programmable. The variety of options guarantees the ultimate in individual fitting and assures the greatest degree of comfort for the client.

contact forte

... the ultimate high-end hearing system for best hearing support

Optimum hearing is yours, thanks to contact forte‘s leading-edge technology, everyday practicality and highly comfortable fit for all ages. Live everyday life effortlessly with the world‘s most modern, robust and flexible digital hearing system with its numerous key functions.

contact mini

Enjoy outstanding hearing – without the risk of surgery
... especially for children, but adults can benefit too!

In order to provide timely and adequate assistance to children with a hearing impairment, BHM has developed the contact mini as the world's first digital miniature bone conduction system. Particularly for children, swift intervention with acoustic support is much in demand as speech development is inextricably linked with the ability to hear. Hearing-impaired adults who play a lot of sport will also find the contact mini extremely useful.


... the most powerful hearing system in the world!

Deliberately bucking the trend for ever smaller and more fiddly hearing devices, BHM has proven with apollon that a comfortable and practical pocket hearing aid device can keep up with the times as well as be easy to operate. The adjustable amplification and high output sound pressure mean that it can be used for virtually any type of hearing loss.



... the hearing module as individual as you are, with precise directional sensitivity.

pan is a highly precise BTE system which captures sound via two directional microphones and transfers it into the ear through a small loudspeaker. The device is easy to integrate into any pair of glasses and never looks out of place. Our experts have created an innovative product that provides clear hearing without any interference using precise directional sensitivity – thus setting completely new standards in relaxed, intelligible hearing.

Viper 170P

The human ear hears "analogue" – so why not your hearing device!

Those experiencing hearing loss are often exposed to great challenges in everyday life. For that reason we suggest the BHM Viper 170P – a power analogue BTE aid featuring state-of-the-art technology and functions that facilitate an unlimited sound experience whilst also guaranteeing total comfort.

BC1 & BC-2LD

Audiometric bone conductors

They are based on state-of-the-art bone conduction technology and specialist know-how from BHM, the leading company of bone conduction hearing aids. The audiometric bone conductors and their accessories impress with quality and durability and come in several variations. Ultrasonic welding of the housing parts ensures special robustness and protection against environmental influences such as moisture and sweat.

Bone conduction receiver

Our core competence – leader on the global market

As a specialist in acoustics and micromechanics, we consistently strive to develop and manufacture top-quality bone conduction receivers.

Bone conduction receivers are electrodynamic transformers that can be operated with various audio devices (e.g. hearing aid, MP3 player or communications/wireless devices). Unlike sound converters such as headphones, the electrical signal is not transferred to the eardrum acoustically, but rather transferred through the cranial bone directly to the inner ear in the form of mechanical oscillations.



Suitable for daily use, robust and reliable – thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories

To customise your very own personal BHM hearing system to the max, in addition to our technical accessories we also offer fashionable frames, hair bands and caps that discreetly conceal the devices, not to mention a wide range of bone conduction receivers.