... the hearing modul as individual as you, with precise directional sensitivity.

Hear better with glasses. pan is a highly precise BTE system which captures sound via two directional microphones and transfers it into the ear through a small loudspeaker. The device is easy to integrate into any pair of glasses and never looks out of place. Our experts have created an innovative product that provides clear hearing without any interference using precise directional sensitivity - thus setting completely new standards in relaxed, intelligible hearing.

… the highest degree of comfort for wearers of glasses. With pan you can enjoy the most innovative hearing system in the world today. Individual, elegant and of course manufactured according to the latest BHM technology, pan combines optimum hearing quality with the highest degree of comfort – smart and ergonomic.
See and hear safely and comfortably
Unlike the conventional mini BTE and BTE devices which are attached to the ear via the glasses temples, pan offers maximum comfort thanks to its non-slide modul. Avoid unpleasant or inconvenient situations with pan.

Easy to switch
pan fits flexibly to any pair of glasses. Simply attach it quickly and unobtrusively to your glasses - detaching it is equally easy. You don't need to buy new glasses to enjoy the world around you - your optician or acoustician will simply fix pan onto your existing pair.

Perfect hearing experience even with ambient noise
Pan offers sensational directional sensitivity thanks to two microphones positioned in front of the ear. This means that even in noisy surroundings such as parties or restaurants, you will be able to follow the conversation. On request, your acoustician can position the microphones in such a way as to pick up predominantly frontal sound so that you can keep up with someone even if they are further away, as well as when watching TV, at the theatre or indeed any time you want to watch and listen. In comparison, BTE and mini BTE devices have microphones that sit above or behind the ear.

Sound in all its glory
Thanks to an inductive signal input, pan allows you to hear sound in all its beauty. Pan also delivers outstanding results as part of the treatment of tinnitus – whether in the form of traditional "masking" or playing a supporting role.

pan-CROS or BiCROS for safe transfer of sound
For single-sided deafness, we recommend the pan CROS (contralateral routing of signals) or BiCROS version. This ensures that sound is transferred safely from the impaired ear to the healthy ear.

Advantages at a glance

  • see and hear safely and comfortably - maximum comfort
  • easy to switch - fits flexibly to your glasses
  • perfect hearing experience even with ambient noise
  • sound in all its glory - also provides support in the treatment of tinnitus
  • pan-CROS or BiCROS for safe transfer of sound - particularly for unilateral deafness

For hearing care professionals, audiologists and opticians

Note to all our visitors from the United States

This hearing instrument cannot be sold over the counter (OTC).  It requires a prescription from your treating ENT doctor.

Custom-made CROS/BiCROS solution for your BHM hearing glasses

BHM-Tech is globally recognised for its innovative hearing systems and comprehensive portfolio of special solutions. In order to offer our customers the best-possible hearing comfort, our hearing glasses are also available as tailor-made CROS and BiCROS versions.

CROS/BiCROS – what is it?
CROS and BiCROS hearing aids are designed for those with severe single-sided hearing impairment and for men and women with single-sided deafness. The acronym CROS stands for "Contralateral Routing Of Signals". This means that signals from the hearing-impaired ear are rerouted to the good ear. If, however, one ear is deaf and the other is also impaired, the person will need a BiCROS hearing aid. The sound meeting the deaf ear is transferred to the impaired ear, and intensified along the way.

Hearing comfort & safety
For people with severe single-sided hearing impairment or deafness, it isn't just about hearing aids being as comfortable as possible. Safety is paramount. Those affected are often unable to locate sounds properly. In addition to the disadvantages this can cause in social settings, it also poses certain risks, particularly in terms of road traffic. CROS and BiCROS hearing aids can help to prevent such dangers by restoring what is known as directional hearing (three-dimensional hearing).

BHM – your specialist in CROS/BiCROS

If you need a CROS or BiCROS hearing aid, you are most welcome to get in touch with us using the contact form on our website. Together with our partners, we would be delighted to fit you with your very own pair of tailor-made CROS or BiCROS hearing glasses from BHM.