Setting the tone in audiometry – hearing systems by BHM

Quality, hand-made in Austria

BHM - the Berl Hörgeräte Manufaktur - develops high-quality hearing aid systems, carefully manufactured by hand in Austria and distributed around the wolrd.
Its core competence - the continual development and precise manufacture of hearing systems and bone conductors - combines craftmanship with high-end technology.
As a trailblazer in hearing aids, accessories and precision components for the medical technology field, BHM also produces highly sophisticated micro-components and components for hearing and prosthesis parts.
Many years of experience and its commitment to perfectionism make BHM a globally sought-after specialist in bone conduction and special hearing systems.

Our Vision

We want to be a successful, globally active medical device manufacturer.

Our Strategy

We prove our competence through flexible and innovative product development.

Our Mission Statement

We regard ourselves as flexible partner of our customers, who delivers performance by its own initiative and competence,
thus meeting the requirements of the customers.

The basis of the realisation of our mission statement is:
• a company structure oriented towards customers and their environment
• flexible and cost-oriented product development and evolution
• active, responsible co-workers who work in a team
• a lively quality system

Our products are trusted around the world

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