BC-1 & BC-2LD

Audiometric Bone Conductors

The BC-1 and BC-2LD audiometric bone conductors are developed, fabricated and hand-assembled by BHM.

They are based on state-of-the-art bone conduction technology and specialist know-how from BHM, the leading company of bone conduction hearing aids. The audiometric bone conductors and their accessories impress with quality and durability and come in several variations. Ultrasonic welding of the housing parts ensures special robustness and protection against environmental influences such as moisture and sweat.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Both products meet the international audiometry standard.
  • The BC-1 conductor has a 2 meter long integrated cable.
  • The BC-2LD offers a 2 meter long detachable cable with plug connection.
  • Robust and protected against environmental influences such as moisture and sweat.
  • They both can either be ordered individually or in a set with a plastic headband complying with the audiometry standard.
  • A plastic headband with rotatable clip is available too.

The two audiometric bone conductors can be ordered individually or as a set with a headband. The headband included in the set is made of plastic and of course complies with the audiometry standard. The additionally available headband with a rotatable clip is also manufactured in accordance with the audiometry standard. Of course the two products BC-1 and BC-2LD are compatible with the existing metallic headband for audiometry.