… the first bone conduction hearing glasses with improved speech intelligibility – from now on with fully automated situation recognition Sound Dynamix (BHM Automatic) and individually fitted using in-situ audiometry!

The contact star evo1 is fully programmable. Mechanically adjusted, there are three different conductor plates available to the acoustician. This variety of options guarantees the ultimate in individual fitting and assures the greatest degree of comfort for the client.
BHM also offers a wide range of fashionable frame fronts and attachments, available here.

Connect your glasses to all Bluetooth-enabled devices using the neckloop. Whether you want to listen to your favourite music, watch an exciting film or call a friend, the Bluetooth neckloop enables you to hear more clearly.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Temples and frame fronts available in various colours and models
  • Has a powerful, programmable digital amplifier
  • Excellent sound volume
    • Simple handling through integrated telecoil and operating mode switch
    • Highly resistant to moisture and dirt
    • Also available as CROS system on request